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13th Congress of the
European Skull Base Society

April 19-21, 2018 | Warsaw, Poland

Mutual learning - overcoming limitations

Speaker information

Session types and lecture duration

Draf Lecture –  30 min lecture of a renowned speaker 
Keynote Lecture - 1h lecture of a renowned speaker
Special Lectures - 25 min lecture +5 min discussion
Round Tables –10 min lecture + discussion, summary on the end of the session
Large Series – 12 min lecture + 3 min discussion
How I do it – 10 min lecture + 5 min discussion on new and modified approaches or new diagnostics
Free Paper Sessions - 7 min lecture + 3 discussion
Lecture and Free Paper Sessions - opening lecture 15 min + 5 min discussion, 7 min lecture + 3 discussion
Master Video - 15 min video presentation + 5 min discussion OR 20 min video presentation on different approaches or a pathology
3D Session - Multimodal visualization technologies in skull base surgery: 3D endoscopic, 3D video telescopic and contrast imaging
Debates – discussion on defined topic - presentation of own experience, opinions, pro- and cons, perspectives in SBS, topics and lecture duration defined by chairmen
Consensus Sessions - moderator and invited specialists – discussion on and presentation of consensus elaborated before the Congress
ESBS Sessions organized by national/regional SBS – lecturers from national/regional SBS, topics and lecture duration defined by chairmen, 10 min for discussion
Awards Sessions - clinical study and basic research of nominated young specialists < 35


The page size should be set to “4:3 screen presentation”, with an image quality of 1024 x 768 px. Graphic data should be embedded into the presentation, and video and audio data (*.avi format with DIVX (as of version 7) or uncompressed) must be linked with the presentation and should be added separately. Please apply exclusively Windows-compatible fonts.

Please note that the connection of your own notebook is not possible. The data uploading is to be made directly the lecture room.

In order to guarantee a smooth flow within the sessions, all speakers are asked to hand in solely files in English. Mac presentations might create conversion problems that the service staff at the media check would try to solve.

As a presentation medium following file formats are allowed: Microsoft PowerPoint format .pptx and .ppt

The files should be saved under the name of the speaker and the lecture number, possibly under the date and time of the presentation but not under general names such as the congress’ name.

Following data storage media are suitable to copy your presentation into the information system:

• MS-Windows CD-ROM compatible (ISO 9660) or DVD-ROM

• USB stick (as a precaution bring the driver with you)