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13th Congress of the
European Skull Base Society

April 19-21, 2018 | Warsaw, Poland

Mutual learning - overcoming limitations

Warsaw - modern city with a history

Warsaw, nurturing over 400 years of pride as a capital,  has a truly European feel about it. It is a city where the rich history is intertwined with its dynamic modernity. It is also Polands largest city and its cultural, political and economic centre. A city where a fourth of the terrain is covered by parkland and a city of culture for all tastes and budgets!

The main attractions and general transportation in Warsaw remain quite inexpensive by European standards. In the Polish capital you will find a wealth of palaces and parks. The public transport - buses, subway and  trams-  take you everywhere. Warsaw is a bustling metropolis and features an unforgettable history: visit the Royal Palace, the gothic cobblestone streets and the baroque palaces of the Old Town - destroyed by the German troops, but now rebuilt masterfully.

The sights of the Old Town include the moving monument of the Warsaw Uprising and the magnificent Krasinski Gardens. Along the Royal Route you will discover the most beautiful side of Warsaw. Eat and drink in cosy cafes ans restaurants and relax in fashionable music-filled clubs.


We are sure, that Warsaw will make an impression upon you!