12th Interdisciplinary Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Course


Skull Base Surgery underwent significant changes during the last  decades. The increasing advancements in the fields of neurosurgery and  otorhinolaryngology have challenged surgeons from both specialties to  keep up with the rapid technological progress such as operations based  on 4K or 3D endoscopy and robotic-assisted skull base surgery.

The skull base represents the interface of an intense  interdisciplinary collaboration between otorhinolaryngology and  neurosurgery. Therefore, this course focuses on the complex anatomy of  the skull base and adjacent anatomical structures, i.e. sinuses and  orbit, as well as surgical treatment strategies for lesions in this  challenging area.

Being the highlight of this course, participants will spend 15 hours  of hands-on training on cadavers. An excellent international faculty  from Graz, Erfurt, Munich, Brescia, Padua, Varese, and Essen will provide an intensive step-by-step teaching. Additionally, an outstanding  technical support including real time navigation for all specimens, HD/3D visualization, 4K endoscopy, robotic systems as well as high speed  drills will be available.

Course directors:
Prof. Dr. med. S. Lang
Prof. Dr. med. S. Mattheis

Registration: fortbildung.hno@uk-essen.de

Website: https://veranstaltungen.uk-essen.de/12th-interdisciplinary-endoscopic-skull-base-surgery-course/

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