The ESBS organises a bi-annual congress which attracts more than 500 participants each edition. This shows the eminent importance of sharing knowledge and meeting up with peers. Please find here events throughout the year in the field of skull base surgery.

Save the Date: 15th ESBS Congress June 5 - 8, 2024 - MECC Congress Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands

We would like to welcome you to Maastricht in The Netherlands for the 2024 edition of the European Skull Base Society congress. You can look forward to an outstanding scientific programme with excellent lectures, case discussions and lively debates. The congress also presents the opportunity to submit and present abstracts.

The congress will be held in Maastricht, the most southern city of the Netherlands, but in the heart of Europe. This attractive city will embrace you with its elegant qualities, rich history and extensive culinary and cultural offerings. The city offers a lot of beautiful places to stay. Budget, standard, deluxe or anything in between.

The MECC Maastricht Congress Center is a trusted venue for international congresses and very suitable to accommodate the ESBS congress.

On behalf of the local organising committee and the “Dutch Academic Alliance Skull Base Pathology Radboudumc/Maastricht UMC+”, we look forward to welcome you in Maastricht!

Prof. Dr. H.P.M. Kunst
ENT-surgeon/Skull base surgeon
Congress president
President Elect ESBS

Prof. Dr. Y. Temel
Local organiser

Congress Secretariat | ESBS 2024
Radboudumc Health Academy

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The “56th Nijmegen Ear Surgery Course” will take place April 17th -21st 2023 in the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen – The Netherlands. Part of this course will be the minisymposium: “Capita Selecta concerning skull base pathology and surgery”. This will be at April 21st, the last day of the course, however can be attended without course participation. The goal of this day is to share knowledge on a specific topic on the brink of skull base pathology and neurotology. If you are interested, you are cordially invited. The course will be in English.

  • 11.15-11.45 Registration
  • 11.45-11.55 Opening symposium and introduction to Radboudumc Skull Base Centre - Dirk Kunst (ENT, Radboudumc/MUMC+)


TOPIC I – Osteomyelitis

  • 11.55-12.15 General introduction osteomyelitis of the skull base– Jerome Waterval (ENT, MUMC+)
  • 12.15-12.35 Osteomyelitis in the outpatient clinic, how to come to a diagnosis – Thijs Jansen (ENT, Radboudumc)
  • 12.35-12.55 Radiological cases of osteomyelitis - Sjoert Pegge (Radiology, Radboudumc)
  • 12.55-13.45 Lunch
  • 13.45-14.05 Skull base osteomyelitis and Imaging; patterns of spread – Linda Jacobi (Radiology, MUMC+)
  • 14.05-14.25 Microbiological considerations in osteomyelitis - Jochem Buil (Medical Microbiology, Radboudumc)
  • 14.25-14.45 Pharmacological aspects – Roger Brüggemann (Clinical Pharmacy, Radboudumc)
  • 14.45-15.15 Coffee / Tea
  • 15.15-15.35 Sigmoid sinus thrombosis - Thijs Jansen (ENT, Radboudumc)


TOPIC II – Malignancies of the temporal bone

  • 15.35-15.55 Squamous cell carcinoma of the temporal bone – international cohort study- Dirk Kunst (ENT, Radboudumc/MUMC+)
  • 15.55-16.15 Squamous cell carcinoma of the temporal bone – To be announced
  • 16.15 Closure and drinks – Dirk Kunst


General information

Registration on our website Radboud UMC - Nijmegen Ear Surgery Course Radboud UMC, before April 1st 2023.

Registration fee: € 75

After registration more information will be provided.

Accreditation is applied for at the Dutch Association of Otorhinolaryngology. The meeting is endorsed by the European Skull Base Society.

Location: Radboud University Medical Center, Experience Center, Geert Grooteplein 15, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Conferenceroom De Snelbinder, route 5.

With regards, also on behalf of Emmanuel Mylanus, the faculty and the Dutch Academic Alliance Skull Base pathology Radboudumc – MUMC+.

Thijs Jansen, ENT surgeon, Skull base surgeon
Dirk Kunst, ENT surgeon, Skull base surgeon; Chairman Dutch Academic Alliance Skull Base pathology Radboudumc – MUMC

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5th Turkish Skull Base Congress May 12 - 13, 2023 - Istanbul, Turkiye

For more information, see

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9th international conference on Vestibular Schwannoma and other CPA lesions May 14 - 16, 2023 - Bergen, Norway


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6th Annual Columbia Endoscopic Course May 31 - June 2, 2023 - New York, US

We are thrilled to announce our 6th Annual Columbia University Endoscopic Sinus, Skull Base, Orbit, and Ear Surgery Course, May 31 – June 2, 2023! This year we are doing a hybrid format, with live in-person lectures and dissection in the lab for participants who join us in New York, but as always, our livestreamed webinar lectures will be free worldwide!

Registration for our livestreamed lectures is FREE at Certificates of Participation will be distributed.

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International Summer School: Transnasal Endoscopic Surgery - From Sinuses to Skull Base Hands-On. June 5 - 9, 2023 - Brescia, Italy

Aim of this course is to offer an overview of the applications of transnasal endoscopic surgery, starting from simple procedures performed under local anesthesia to more extensive operations adopted for inflammatory disease, benign and malignant sinonasal tumors, sellar and parasellar lesions, as well as other neoplastic and malformative skull base pathologies.

The course will provide a hands-on session, followed by an interactive live surgery section.

The course is addressed to otholaryngologists and neurosurgeons, according to the aim of multidisciplinarity the course encourages.

There are 18 places available as “full course” (which includes attendance to the hands-on section) and 9 places as “observers”.

For the latest updates and application procedure, see the website.

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14th Congress of the European Laryngological Society June 21 - 23, 2023 - Milan, Italy

Following the highly successful 12th Congress of the European Laryngological Society in London and 13th Congress of the European Laryngological Society in virtual form, the European Laryngological Society is organizing another important meeting for experts from the laryngology field. With a special focus on Laryngeal Cancer and New Technologies, the meeting will also gather experts in Phonosurgery, Neurolaryngology, Airway, Pediatrics, Phoniatrics, and Basic Sciences

For the latest updates, see the website.

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12th Interdisciplinary Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Course September 20 - 21, 2023 - Essen, Germany

Skull Base Surgery underwent significant changes during the last  decades. The increasing advancements in the fields of neurosurgery and  otorhinolaryngology have challenged surgeons from both specialties to  keep up with the rapid technological progress such as operations based  on 4K or 3D endoscopy and robotic-assisted skull base surgery.

The skull base represents the interface of an intense  interdisciplinary collaboration between otorhinolaryngology and  neurosurgery. Therefore, this course focuses on the complex anatomy of  the skull base and adjacent anatomical structures, i.e. sinuses and  orbit, as well as surgical treatment strategies for lesions in this  challenging area.

Being the highlight of this course, participants will spend 15 hours  of hands-on training on cadavers. An excellent international faculty  from Graz, Erfurt, Munich, Brescia, Padua, Varese, and Essen will provide an intensive step-by-step teaching. Additionally, an outstanding  technical support including real time navigation for all specimens, HD/3D visualization, 4K endoscopy, robotic systems as well as high speed  drills will be available.

Course directors:
Prof. Dr. med. S. Lang
Prof. Dr. med. S. Mattheis



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Update on the Management of Head and Neck Paragangliomas September 20 - 22, 2023 - Piacenza, Italy

Head and Neck Paragangliomas provide unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenges and novel research opportunities, never presented in a single, integrated interdisciplinary meeting. With the organization of this congress, Gruppo Otologico aims at bringing together the full range of health professionals and researchers from different specialties who work on these rare tumors.

The congress will address the state of the art diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, evaluate new research perspectives, exchange ideas, and create networks to fight against this disease.

The city of Piacenza is the seat of the main clinic of Gruppo Otologico, one of the major surgical centers for skull base paraganglioma patients internationally.

The city, rich in art and history, is conveniently situated near Milan, and is easily accessible by road, rail, or air.

We firmly believe in the importance of the presence of young colleagues who will drive the future of our head and neck surgery. For this reason, the Mario Sanna Foundation has reserved 100 free congress registration fees for Otorhinolaryngology residents enrolled in the last year of European Otorhinolaryngology Training Programs.

You can register via this link. Assignment will be on a first come/first served basis, but, in case of exhaustion of the slots, we aim at including at least one representative from different European training Programs.

For more information about the congress, see our website: First International Congress Update on the Management of HEAD & NECK PARAGANGLIOMAS

Call for abstract: Call for Abstract (

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5th Erlangen Interdisciplinary Course for Microscopic and Endoscopic Surgery of the Anterior and Lateral Skull Base 2024 February 21 - 23, 2024 - Erlangen, Germany

The anatomic region of the skull base is complex and poses surgical challenges for otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons alike. To treat the various conditions that can affect the skull base, a highly specialized set of surgical procedures is needed. In most cases, lesions lie in close proximity to vital structures what makes skull base surgery very challenging.

In up to 18 hours practical training over three days, we will give you the opportunity to gain excellent knowledge about skull base anatomy and the different kinds of approaches. We would like to give you the chance to learn from experienced colleagues, and to look beyond the horizon of your own specialty.

See our website for more information:

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